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Government ID Badges, Card Printers & Swipe Cards

Law Enforcement

Various law enforcement agencies across North America trust IDSE to provide badging and identification solutions for mission critical operations including:

  • Security of the badges/cards is of high importance. If used for identification, badges need to be tamperproof if lost, as well as visually secure.
  • We can provide integration and interfacing with access control, time and attendance, or network access

Public Transportation

We have provided technical solutions for public transportation, including transit passes, electronic fare tracking, and systems integration. Important considerations for public transportation are:

  • Security of the pass to avoid revenue loss
  • Reliability to avoid customer issues and lost revenue.
  • Technical and management issues.

Motor Vehicle

IDSE offers card, badging, and smart card solutions for the motor vehicle industry.

  • We offer smart card drivers' licenses and smart card car registration systems
  • Other solutions include smart vehicle service card, e purse and loyalty program.

Clients within the government sector include:

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